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SongLink International 15th Anniversary - 1993-2008
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David Stark and Cliff Richard
David Stark and Cliff Richard

"As an artist who depends on writers and publishers for his songs, my congratulations to SongLink on its 15th anniversary come with very sincere appreciation. Keep up the good work!"
- Cliff Richard

"Congratulations SongLink, you have been passionately committed to providing unique and essential information for 15 years now. It has been an honour to have shared some of that journey with you. David, you are one of the last true gentlemen in this industry - well done and here's to the next 15 years!"
- Tony Moore, The Bedford/Regal Room, London

"All serious publishers and writers should make their annual SongLink subscription a priority, as it's one of the best weapons in a publisher's and songwriter's armoury."
- Mark Winters, Active Music Management, London

Ellie Weinert and David Stark
Ellie Weinert and David Stark

"Dear David, many congratulations on the success of SongLink International - still going strong after 15 years. You are just amazing and a powerhouse of energy. More power to you! From your partner and friend in Germany
- Ellie Weinert, Songs Wanted, Munich

"I have relied on the SongLink tipsheet for a long, long time for promoting my material across the world. As a result, I have successfully connected my original songs with excellent reputable companies, producers, and artists in the U.S., UK, Canada, Denmark, and Germany. A big 'thank you' goes out to David Stark who continues to be one of the most influential people in the worldwide music business."
- Norman Kerner, KernerSongs Music Group, Maryland, USA

"Dear David, big congrats on 15 years! How fabulous! It's been a pleasure to know you and to be a subscriber all these years! All the best for many more!"
- Michèle Vice-Maslin, Sweetersongs, Los Angeles

"David, just wanted to say thanks for being there and at such a reasonable cost. Through SongLink, Peggy Lea Publishing has secured several cuts. More importantly we've met some delightful people - writers, producers, and artists we otherwise would never have had the pleasure of knowing."
- Peggy Lea Keuler, writer, publisher & producer, Nashville & Wisconsin

"David, congrats on 15 years. Just goes to show that the songs survive."
- Don Grierson, Consultant/Executive Producer/A&R, Los Angeles

"David meant the world to me when I got into publishing, he introduced me to the first important people I met. He is the glue in this business and he has never wanted anything in return but friendship and kindness, and that's not hard to give to David. If anythere's anyone I want to have fun with it's him, he always fun to be around. I always use SongLink to find out who's looking for what, it's a really helpful tool and it helps you to find out what's going on in the publishing world. So I truely hope to have you around for the next 15 years, as who else would I call and ask for help from, if he wasn't around? So David, congratulations for the past 15 years - and keep your spirit strong! PS: don't forget our "table No. 5" at Midem! Big hugs."
- Lotte Aagaard, TG Publishing & Management, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Congratulations on SongLink's fifteen years of success and for all the help you have given to Bardis Music over that period."
- Peter Bardon, Bardis Music, Dublin, Ireland

"SongLink has always been a great source of all kinds of creative information. Once upon a time I was informed by SongLink that Ron Fair was looking for songs for new talent Christina Aguilera's first album. This was during my many happy years as MD at Air Chrysalis and my Creative Director at the time, Pelle Lidell, pitched our song "Come On Over Baby" which got Ron to pick up the phone and within a few months the song was # 1 in the US for several weeks and sold millions of singles and albums around the world. Thanks again David!"
- Lars Wiggman, now MD, Bonnier Music Publishing AB, Sweden

"Much appreciation to David for his 15 years of enthusiastic support for the business of international song plugging and creative music publishing. Best wishes."
- Dennis Collopy & the Menaces, Menace Music Management, UK

David Stark and Barry Mason
David Stark and Barry Mason

David, I can't think of a nicer bloke to be up to my neck (or waist) in it with. I'd go down under with you again anytime! Congratulations on all your achievements and let's keep on having fun!
- Your pal, Barry Mason

"Many congratulations on your 15 years. A primo achievement. Hope you have at least another 15!"
- Tony Peters, Primo Music, UK

"Best wishes from P&P Songs!"
- Peter McCamley, P&P Songs, London

"Happy 15th Anniversary, SongLink! Thank you so much for linking some of the best songwriters and artists in the world. We have had great success with quite a few songs from your writers, especially with our best-selling girl band in Scandinavia, Tiktak! Cheers, David!"
- Hannu Sormunen, Head of A&R, Universal Music, Helsinki, Finland

"David, many congratulations on your Anniversary. Hope to see you at the ASCAP and Gold Badge Awards. Your friend, Bob".
- Bob Grace

"Smashing bloke, smashing mag, smashing hits. Long may it all go on. Best wishes."
- Rob Davis and Brian Reza

"David, I'd like to say a big thank you for your all your fantastic hard work over the last 15 years and for all the excellent leads and opportunities we've all benefited from. Here's to the next 15 years!"
- Patrick Meads, Big World Publishing, UK

"David, it doesn't seem 15 years ago when you called me at the crack of dawn in New York that day during NMS and said 'hello, I'm in the lobby of your hotel, can you buy me breakfast and have a chat?', as you needed some advice. I did my best to convince you (at that early hour) that it was your experience, personality and passion for songs, music and songwriters that we all believed in and that whatever you did in the future, you would be successful and we would all support you, if you started out on your own; which led to the birth of SongLink. And we all did support you and you didn't let us down. It's been a long road since, but I think that you have exceeded all of that promise many times over and the world of music would have been a much darker place without you to help light the way. If there was a Légion d'Honneur for helping the cause of songwriters, you should get it! We have had fun too; the amazing times of the Independent Publishers Association, the events, the gigs, the parties, the showcases, the co-writes, the seminars, your bad taste in Hawaiian shirts and of course, the alcohol! We've lost a few friends along the way, but I am sure they are smiling at you, wherever they are. Congratulations and thanks for all that you have done for all of us. Here's to the next 15 years, if I'm still alive and kicking that long! Warmest regards."
- Christian Ulf-Hansen, Plan C Management

"With love and best wishes from Barbara Orbison, Mandy Haynes and all your friends at Roy Orbison Music and Still Working Music in Nashville."

"Congratulations! It seems like yesterday when you came to my office to discuss your work prospects. And look what you did and achieved. Fantastic!"
- Dennis Muirhead, Muirhead Management, London

"Congratulations on the first fifteen years David and thanks for all the help and support you have given to the international songwriting community - keep it up!"
- Guy Fletcher OBE, Commercial Arts Ltd., London

"SongLink magazine gives opportunities to songwriters like no other publication. That's crystal clear!"
- Paul Kramer, The Hit Sheet, London

"Our wholehearted congratulations David. You are our friend, a LIPA Companion and peerless song matchmaker."
- All the best, Mark Featherstone-Witty, LIPA

"Congratulations David, you're the best!"
- Jen Roberts, Behind The Mic

"David, at the risk of ageing us both, I first meet you brandishing your debut issue of SongLink at an IPA meeting. Since then we have been proud to be associated with you and your magazine. You share our love of songs and the writers that create them. I am always amazed, and often envy, your passion and zeal. SongLink has become an essential part of today's music business and is cited by many songwriters and artists as the start and a constant part of their career path. Is it really 15 years? There have been many photo opportunities, showcases, panels and award shows that we have shared and here's to 15 more glorious years. Bless you Starky!"
- Seán, Roger,Todd, Ralph and all at ASCAP

"BMI London is proud to have been your first subscriber and to have mailed out the first edition of SongLink for you in 1993. Keep up the great work, David!"
- Brandon, Simon, Tabitha and your friends at BMI

"Congratulations David on 15 years of well deserved success!"
- Ritch Esra, The Music Business Registry, Los Angeles

"I'd like to say a big thank you to Songlink. Ever since David's gruff but honest response to my phone call six or seven years ago ''not just anyone can subscribe you know, you've got to be quite good - send us in a demo and I'll let you know!'', we've had a friendly, forthright and fruitful relationship. And SongLink sure did pay back my subscription fees! Many, if not most, of my releases since that time, came through SongLink leads. Most recently, I've seven or eight songs co-written and/or released by Finnish star Tarja Turunen on her debut album 'My Winter Storm', which went platinum and gold in five different countries including Germany, and has just been released in the US. This happened from an original lead in SongLink Thanks tons for this, and many other, priceless gems tucked away amongst all the leads. I hope you have another successful 15 years!"
- Adrian 'Zag' Zagoritis,

"David, thanks for all your help in helping us to find great songs for our young artists over the last few years. We really appreciate everything you do for us."
- Jan & Jack Cooper, Cooper Studios, Alberta, Canada

"Hi David, Wow! What a great response we've had from SongLink!! We have not even had a chance to respond back to everyone to let them know we've received their submissions yet. There are SEVERAL songs that we are seriously considering for Ashleigh's debut CD. This is the BEST service my friend! Thank you so much for your service! I will definitely refer you to other artists and their management teams."
- Kim Cole, Manager, Ashleigh Cole Music

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